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We are proud to be a Canadian equipment dealer for the following manufacturers. 

With over 100 machine types, Allround offers the most comprehensive and widest product range for potato, onion, and vegetable processing. In the vegetable sector, we offer a superior range of processing equipment. With Allround Storage we provide storage equipment for potatoes, onions, carrots, and other vegetables.


​AVR manufactures a full range of machinery for the cultivation of potatoes as well as other bulbous and tuberous plants.  From seed bed preparation, planting and ridging to haulm topping, harvest and storing AVR promises innovative machinery that boost’s efficiency.  AVR is committed to helping customers store a higher percentage of sell-able crops with less input.

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CropCare manufactures innovative and dependable agricultural and vegetable equipment for farms, commercial applications, lawns, wildlife food plots, and more. They offer 3PT and Trailer Sprayers from 40 to 1000 gallons, as well as smaller 25-60 gallon ATV and ATX Sprayers. They have High-Pressure and Shielded Boom Sprayers, Picking Assistants, and Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrappers for produce growers. Foam Markers, Liquid Applicators, and Bale Movers complete their product offerings.


Engel Machines is an innovative company out of the Netherlands. Since 1999 they have been developing mechanized harvesting equipment for the agricultural industry. They combine technical expertise, experience and reliability to meet the growing industry demands.


Optimum yield by high-quality spaders!

Farmax Spaders provides a perfectly prepared bed for planting or sowing, essential for maximum crop yield. This fact is the starting point for Farmax’s specialists when they develop high-quality agricultural machinery.


Since 1987 Krukowiak has established itself as a manufacturer of innovative, high quality agriculture equipment. Although the company is mainly well known for sprayers, they also offer a wide range of machines for producers and processors of vegetables and orchardists. In particular Krukowiak manufactures a line of potato and onion equipment for every stage of production for both producers with small acreages as well as for commercial scale.


Larrington Trailers specialize in the design and manufacturing of agricultural trailers and specialist agricultural machinery. Now based in Boston, they have been designing and building Agricultural machinery in Lincolnshire since 1972.

“Designed By You, Because We Listen”


Standen is the leading UK manufacturer and worldwide exporter of potato planting and harvesting machinery which is all manufactured in the city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, where we have been making British machinery since 1846. Standen-Reflex is our imported machinery division, specializing in vegetable and salad planting and harvesting machines. 


BEDNAR FMT is a progressive manufacturer of agricultural machinery with specialization on production of machines for tillage,seeding, fertilizing and slashing. Due to the close and strong relationship with farmers, BEDNAR FMT ranks among the most innovative manufacturers developing and producing machines with good values reducing costs to the farmers.


Dewulf-Miedema develops, manufactures and markets machinery to make the work involved in producing potatoes and open field vegetables less labour intensive and more profitable. They offer a wide range of equipment that meets the needs of farmers worldwide. With a focus on innovation, Dewulf-Miedema is on the forefront of global developments in the agri-food sector.


Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche is a company at the fore front of mechanization in the horticultural field. They specialize in the production of transplanting machines, both mechanical and automatic, for plants in square blocks, modules and bare roots. Ferrari Costruzioni is dedicated to innovation, quality and the continued development of their products.


HAK is an innovative company that was established in 1917, specializing in mechanical weed control equipment. They pride themselves in offering equipment that is highly precise in weed control resulting in increased productivity. HAK provides various types of finger weeders designed for a range of soil types and crops.


Lockwood has been one of the leading manufacturers of high quality and reliable potato equipment. Lockwood proudly builds a variety of potato planters, windrowers and harvesters. Each machine is built with a range of features and option to handle any crop condition and meet each farmer’s needs.


Sorpac is a Polish company producing weighing and packaging machines and complete technological lines for portioning and packing of fruits and vegetables. They are innovative, competitively priced and customer service orientated. Customers can expect product specialization that is tailored to their needs.


With over 80 years of experience, Struik from the Netherlands has become a specialist in the field of cultivation. Built on a philosophy of customer service and delivering on what is promised, has gained them a reputation to depend on. Their complete range of rotary cultivators, haulm toppers and weed control machines are being shipped all over the world.


Trakjak is the world’s first two wheeled jacking device that maintains mobility while the rear of the tractor is elevated. This innovative attachment is engineered to increase workplace safety during service operations without hindering productivity. Designed to be easy to use for every operator on any tractor.

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